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Product Review (submitted on April 27, 2017):
I've been teaching dance for over 25 years--Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Hustle, Nightclub and Line Dancing. And each week I dance on several different types of floor surfaces: wood with oil-based polyurethane, wood with water-based polyurethane, PVC tile, vinyl tile and some floors are clean and some floors are sticky. Even the feel of each floor changes with the seasons due to humidity. As a result, I like to have options when it comes to the soles of my dance shoes. One option that I added recently to my dance bag is a pair of DanceSocks. I got the kind that simply slip over the ball of each shoe. I don't wear them all the time; only on the floors where I was having trouble turning. Some people say they're too "slippy," and I agree that on some floors they are, so I don't wear them on those floors. But you can also adjust how much contact they make with the floor by moving them forward or back on the ball of the shoe. This past week I even loaned them out to a couple students who forgot their dance shoes and they loved them. One student wore them over her street shoes and the other slipped them on over sandals. If you're a serious dancer, there's no perfect solution for all floors, but this is another great option to carry in your bag.