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THE DANCESWING - Free Month of Lessons!

THE DANCESWING - Free Month of Lessons!

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The first month of your On Demand Subscription Free! 

  • On Demand Video Subscription 
  • Sold Separately at
  • First Month Free!
  • Monthly ($9.99/Month) or Yearly ($99.99/Year) options available. 
  • Learn how to use The DanceSwing move by move. 
  • Videos are short, 5-10 minutes, in a learn, practice, dance format.
  • Master musicality instantaneously with our proprietary Click Method.
  • No long term obligations, cancel anytime. 

Email us anytime and our team can give you tips to help you improve.

Demo Lesson of the Single Step Basic. 
The basic step is the step that all others are based on.  The variations are progressive. You can always switch out any move at any time with the basic.